There is something primal and instinctual about living through the physicality of one’s body.  The body reacts to the world through feel, ruled not by logic and rational thought, but rather energy, movement and impulse.  While this might seem mindless, focusing on the physical for me leads to a state of mindfulness, where every action serves a purpose and I seek to reach clarity through repeated exertion.  In art, I seek to slip into this mindful state so each layer of carving, printing, and paper comes from the decisive awareness of my movements and energy.

Growing up playing among the waves breaking on the beaches of Southern California, I learned how my body could interact with my environment, how to respond to the power of the waves and also the power inherent within me.  Playing sports fostered the growth and awareness of my physical body.  The harder I pushed myself, I found the more at peace in my mind I had to be.  Rowing became my tool for the convergence of mind, body and environment just as art became a way to concentrate and coordinate my body into a visual record.  I seek to reach a state where I can transcend the limitations of logical thought and outside influences.  I am fully aware of what I am doing in that moment so all else ceases to exist.  It happens during the last part of a race when I push through thoughts of exhaustion and finish with a surge of power.  It happens in the making of each piece, as I get lost in the actions of carving and cutting.